Fencing Service Huntington Beach

At Valley Cities Fence, we have more than four decades of experience supplying premium fencing solutions to our residential and commercial customers in Huntington Beach. As a single source for all kinds of fences and fence accessories, we make sure implementing brand-new fencing is as painless and affordable as possible.

We're more than happy to provide custom-made fence styles and services to our clients. If you 'd like to discuss an upcoming project or request a totally free quote, please call the Valley Cities Fence office today!

Types of Fences We Offer at Valley Cities Fence

At Valley Cities Fence, we're enthusiastic about providing an extensive variety of fencing services to our clients. No matter what kind of fence you need for your property, our group has the proficiency and resources to finish the job. Let's explore our fencing service lines in more information listed below:

Vinyl Fencing Huntington Beach

Vinyl fencing is among the most popular fencing materials in California. Vinyl is durable, appealing, and provides plenty of security and personal privacy benefits to its owners. If you're searching for a versatile fencing product that offers a lot of personalization possibilities, it's tough to go wrong with vinyl fencing.

We're one of the only fencing business in the area that has access to high-grade vinyl fencing. Please call our office today if you're searching for a vinyl fencing company to help you protect your residential or commercial property. As a local fencing business, we're constantly available to address questions for our customers.

Livestock Fencing Huntington Beach

Whether you're searching for wood livestock fences, pet kennels, or any other livestock fencing options, you need a product that can safely hold your animals (and help them avoid injuries). Our livestock fences are constructed particularly to keep animals safe and secure!

Chain Link Fencing Huntington Beach

If you're a property owner or manager that's looking for a cost-effective fencing option, a chain-link fence is an outstanding option. Chain-link fences do not share the same visual appeal as a lot of the other options available at Valley Cities Fence, however they're exceptionally secure and useful. They're also not prone to rot and other issues that can impact wood fences.

This is an outstanding option for sports fences, school fences, and more. Do not hesitate to call our office if you have any inquiries about chain-link fencing.

Wrought Iron Fencing Huntington Beach

Wrought iron fencing is a popular fencing option for property owners seeking a secure and appealing fence. This is another fencing type that isn't prone to wood rot and other complications that are experienced in natural fencing projects. This is one of the best options available if you want a security fencing option for your property-- and we can make customized changes to enhance the effectiveness of the fence.

As a trusted wrought iron fencing specialist, we've helped numerous citizens, businesses, and community organizations gain access to top quality wrought iron fencing. Feel free to call our office today to speak about our wrought iron options.

Wood Fencing Huntington Beach

While it's not as resilient as other synthetic fencing options, wood fencing continues to be a popular fence choice because of its aesthetic appeal. If you're looking for rustic or traditional fence product, a wood fence is an outstanding option. At Valley Cities Fence, our wood fences are designed to withstand wind and other extreme weather.

If you 'd like to discuss our custom wood fencing options, do not hesitate to call our office. With more than 40 years of experience supplying high-quality wood fencing to our clients, we're an excellent resource if you 'd like recommendations or guidance about anything related to wood fences.

Baseball Fencing Huntington Beach

For baseball field owners and managers, a protected fence is vital to protect other players and fans from injuries. At Valley Cities Fence, we have baseball chain link fencing that is safe, dependable, and resistant to weather-related damage.

We're more than happy to implement custom baseball fences for our customers. So, whether you're developing a little league field or refurbishing a school's training facilities, our baseball fencing solutions are the perfect choice-- and we can also offer other kinds of sports fencing to our regional customer base!

Split Rail Fencing Huntington Beach

A split rail fence is a specialty fence that's typically popular with farmers, horse owners, and other property owners that have bigger livestock. We have a range of split rail fencing choices available to our clients.

Other Services We Provide to Our Clients

While the majority of our services include fencing setups, we also have other service lines available to our loyal customers. Listed below, let's explore the other fencing-related options available at Valley Cities Fence:

Automatic Gates Huntington Beach

In addition to standard gates, our staff can also supply and install automatic gates for our customers. If you're looking for an easy and effective method to enhance access to your property, an automated gate is a perfect option. We have a range of sensors and other modifications available to our customers.

Gates Huntington Beach

If you need a gate for pedestrian or automobile access, we can install and supply a variety of customized gate solutions. We're also happy to provide suggestions and guidance to residential or commercial property owners and contractors that need assistance choosing the best gate option for their property.

Fencing Supplies Huntington Beach

If you're searching for fence supplies for a project, remodeling, or any other purpose, our team can also provide supplies directly. While much of our work includes setup and other fencing services, we're more than happy to partner with contractors and residential or commercial property owners that need direct access to commercial-grade fencing materials.

Do not hesitate to call us to ask for more details about our fencing supplies. We're always available to take new orders.

Contact Valley Cities Fence to Request Free Quotes and Consultations

If you're ready to begin a brand-new fencing project, our experts at Valley Cities Fence are here to simplify the process. We begin all our work by asking a few basic questions about your needs, budget, and requirements. Next, we'll begin preparing a fencing option for you or your company.

If you 'd like to request a no-obligation quote for any of our fencing product or services, please call our office today!


Over 40 years Valley cities fence has proudly been providing quality materials and professional installations to surrounding businesses, parks, water districts, schools, public works, and home owners . Services including, but not limited to chain-link, wrought iron, wood, vinyl, dog kennels , horse corrals, shelters, custom fabrications and much much more. Give us the opportunity to exceed your expectations on all your fencing needs.

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