Fullerton Fencing

There are many options for fencing materials, styles, and contractors when it comes to building a fence in Fullerton. Each material type has its pros and cons based on durability, style, and cost.

The different styles of fencing created with the different materials have specific uses, too. Specialty fences can be custom built with chain link fencing, wood fencing, vinyl fencing, and metal fencing materials.

In addition to researching which materials you should use and which style of fence will meet your needs, you should be sure to research the company you choose to hire to design and install your fencing project.

Choosing a Fencing Company in Fullerton in 5 Steps

Deciding on a local fencing company near Fullerton doesn’t have to be stressful. When you are looking to select a fencing company, follow these five steps for the best results.

Step 1: Check Their License

All fencing contractors must be licensed by the state of California to install fences. Make sure to choose a licensed contractor to ensure that they have met the standard requirements. You should also choose a local fencing company that is insured, too.

Step 2: Ask About Free Estimates

Many Fullerton fencing services offer free estimates for the fencing project. Ask your prospective contractor if they offer free estimates. Then, ask to make sure the estimates are firm, with minimal adjustments after deposit.

Step 3: See if They Offer a Warranty

Fencing companies in Fullerton usually offer customers a warranty. Warranties can be offered on the workmanship, materials, or workmanship and materials if they are offered. This is beneficial to the customer because it signifies that the company is willing to stand behind their work and materials for a period of time after installation.

Step 4: Find Out if They Are Locally Owned

Locally owned fencing companies are great for the community. It is important to support local small businesses because they donate to local charities and create jobs within the community.

Step 5: Look at Previous Client Reviews & Photos

Check online reviews from previous clients to get a feel for how satisfied the clients are after the project has been completed. You can also see pictures that have been taken of completed jobs.

Now that you know the five steps for how to choose a fencing contractor in Fullerton, you should make yourself familiar with the different types of fences commonly found in the area as well as what materials are used to make each type of fence.

Chain Link Fencing Characteristics & Uses

Chain link fencing in Fullerton is an inexpensive fencing option for both temporary and permanent fencing needs. It is commonly used for residential property line boundaries, backyard fencing, and for large commercial use like event centers, sports fields, and construction sites.

Fullerton chain link fencing is also also often found around parks, government buildings, and sporting complexes. Chain link fencing can be just three feet tall, or it can be installed as tall as 14 feet. This type of fencing is used for high-security areas like jails and prisons.

Chain link fencing is made from metal that has a galvanized coating. The coating helps protect the metal from rust, but it’s good to know that the fence will rust if exposed to harsh elements.

Chain link fencing is made from metal that has a galvanized coating. The coating helps protect the metal from

Wood Fencing Characteristics & Uses

There are a variety of wood fencing styles used in Fullerton. Wood fencing in Fullerton is used in both commercial and residential parts of town. Styles of wood fencing are dog eared, cap and trim, round and split rail, lattice, and picket.

The different styles are used in different applications. Picket fences are used in gardens and property borders, especially in the front yard. Lattice fencing is often used in gardening and to help beautify landscaping and patio areas.

Wrought Iron Fencing Characteristics & Uses

Fullerton fencing offers a wide variety of look-alikes, but make no mistake, wrought iron is one of the sturdiest metal fencing options. A fencing company in Fullerton may recommend a wrought iron fence to enclose a pool, line a sidewalk, or protect a housing area.

Fencing companies in Fullerton are able to help with repairs and maintenance that wrought iron fences require. If a wrought iron fence’s finish gets damaged then it can rust when wet if left unrepaired.

Vinyl Fencing Characteristics & Uses

Colored vinyl fencing is becoming widely used because of its durability. In addition to being a sturdy fence vinyl fencing near you is also safer to install because it eliminates the need for harmful chemicals like staining and sealing sprays.

Vinyl fencing in Fullerton is found primarily in residential areas for backyard fencing purposes. It is important to know that when selecting Fullerton vinyl fencing, you are choosing a slightly more expensive fence, however, you are also choosing an option that is long-lasting.

Specialty Fencing Characteristics & Uses

Many local fencing companies in Fullerton offer specialty fencing options. Specialty fences are custom-built fences that are designed to meet the client’s specific needs. You may see a specialty fence bordering a garden, home plate backstop, dog kennels, and more!

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