Newport Beach Fencing

There are many different types of fencing that can be seen throughout Newport Beach. If you need to upgrade, repair, or install a new fence, you should call a local fencing company in Newport Beach for help.

What Kind of Fence is Best

Different fences have different uses. Work with a fencing contractor in Newport Beach so that you are able to choose the best fence. Start by answering the following questions:

  1. Do I need a temporary fence? Or is a permanent fence needed?
  2. What area do I need to be fenced in?
  3. Is the fence for a residential project? Or is it for a commercial project?
  4. Do I need a fence that can be painted a certain color?
  5. What fencing material will work best for my needs?

In order to answer some of these questions, take a look at the following upsides and downsides to the different types of fencing materials that are used by local fencing companies.

The fencing materials that are most commonly used to complete a fencing project are vinyl, wood, wrought iron, and chain link fencing.

Vinyl Fencing

The best uses for vinyl fencing are:

  • Lattice fencing for gardens and beautification
  • Picket fencing for yards and gardens
  • Residential border for the property line

The upsides to vinyl fencing in Newport Beach:

  • Colored vinyl fencing comes in many colors
  • Multiple styles are available to choose from
  • The material doesn’t rust, rot, or lose its shape

The downsides to Newport Beach vinyl fencing:

  • Higher price tag than wood or chain link fences
  • Installation can be hard and take time
  • The material will damage easily if exposed to high temperatures

Wood Fencing Upsides and Downsides

The best uses for wood fencing:

  • Privacy fencing
  • Residential fencing
  • Round and split rail fencing for large properties

The upsides to wood fencing in Newport Beach:

  • The cost is lower than wrought iron or vinyl fencing
  • You can choose from a variety of colors
  • There are a lot of styles to choose from

The downsides to Newport Beach wood fencing:

  • Wood easily weathers and rots
  • Maintenance is needed routinely
  • Color fades and needs to be reapplied

Wrought Iron Fencing Upsides and Downsides

The best uses for wrought iron fencing:

  • Balcony or patio fencing
  • Park or garden fencing
  • Large public areas

The upsides to wrought iron fencing in Newport Beach:

  • Material is long-lasting
  • The finish makes it rust-resistant
  • Can add a level of security

The downsides to Newport Beach wrought iron fencing:

  • Has a lack of privacy
  • Not rust-proof, just rust-resistant
  • The cost of installation and materials is high

Chain Link Fencing Upsides and Downsides

The best uses for chain link fencing:

  • Construction fencing
  • Temporary fencing
  • Commercial fencing

The upsides to chain link fencing in Newport Beach:

  • Cheap material cost
  • Fast and easy install process
  • The galvanized metal is rust-resistant

The downsides to Newport Beach chain link fencing:

  • Can easily get bent or lose its shape
  • Not rust-proof, just rust-resistant
  • Not secure and can be climbed easily

Custom Built Fences and Specialty Fences

A local fencing company near you might suggest a custom-built fence or a specialty fence. A fencing contractor can also build and install the fence in addition to custom designing it.

A variety of materials are used by fencing contractors to complete a custom-built fence. They may choose to use chain link, wood, wrought iron, vinyl, or other alternatives. Newport Beach fencing services may also use specialty products.

Examples of specialty products are razor ribbon, barbed wire, windscreens, sound barriers, PVC slats, reflective materials, electric locks, alarm mechanisms, motorized gates, and more.

Examples of specialty fencing include fencing in sports complexes, construction sites, airports, high-security areas, and much more.

Questions to Ask Your Fencing Contractor Near Newport Beach

You will want to ask your fencing company in Newport Beach some questions about the work they offer and the services they provide.

First, you should ask to see if your fencing company holds a license for fence installation. General liability insurance should also be carried by the fencing contractor. Having a license and insurance protects both parties.

Next, you should see if they offer free and firm quotes. Not all Newport Beach fencing companies offer free estimates, and sometimes the quote can range widely from the final price. You want to make sure that the quote given is firm.

After that, check to see if it is a locally owned company. Locally owned fencing companies are great for the community. They take pride in where they work and create jobs for community members.

Finally, look online at the customer reviews and pictures. Are they good ratings? Customers will share their honest experiences so you can get an idea of what to expect from the fencing company. Look at pictures of completed projects online to see if you like the visual appearance of the company’s work.

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Valley Cities Fence is an honest fencing company that offers firm quotes and doesn’t pressure a sale. There will never be any hassles because they have the utmost respect for you and your property. All Newport Beach fences that they design and install come with five-star services.