Chino Fencing

There are a number of fencing options when looking for a fencing contractor near Chino. It is important to know which type of fence matches your needs so that you can choose the best fencing contractor.

Most local fencing companies in Chino will suggest one of five fence types to choose from. Generally speaking, one of the following types of fences should meet your needs.

  1. Vinyl fencing
  2. Wood fencing
  3. Wrought Iron fencing
  4. Chain Link fencing
  5. Specialty fencing

There are pros and cons to each fence type and suggestions for where they would be best used. This guide will teach you about different Chino fences and their uses.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing in Chino is growing in demand because of how durable it is. Made from sturdy vinyl, these fences can be tall or short, big or small, and come in a variety of colors. Colored vinyl fencing is nice because the materials are delivered in the desired color and there is no need to paint, stain, or seal the planks.

In Chino, vinyl fencing can be designed to look similar to a variety of wood fencing without the possibility of wood rot or weathering due to harsh wind, rain, or sun.

Vinyl fencing near Chino has been designed to look like a wooden picket fence, wooden plank fence, and even a wooden lattice fence. One downside to vinyl fencing is that it takes longer to install than other fence types on this list.

Pros and Cons of Wood Fencing

Wood fencing in Chino is a traditional choice for residential fencing. Wood fencing has a classic look and is cost-efficient. Additionally, wood fencing can be stained to be any number of colors.

Some good Chino wood fencing commercial applications would be round and split rail fencing. This fencing is good for large areas that need fencings such as farms and ranches.

Other popular wood fencing options include board on board, cap and trim, dog eared, and more. The downside of wood is that the material is not as durable as vinyl or metal fencing.

Pros and Cons of Wrought Iron Fencing

A fencing company in Chino may suggest wrought iron fencing for security purposes. These fences are a good choice for both residential and commercial customers. Wrought iron fencing is seen a lot in Chino fencing for decorative purposes.

The downside to wrought iron fences is how much care they need. These fences must be properly maintained so that they do not rust and become structurally weak. Thankfully, a Chino fencing service can help with maintenance and repairs if needed.

If you want the look of wrought iron fencing, but do not want to have to deal with the upkeep, your local fencing company in Chino can suggest a similar alternative to meet your needs.

Pros and Cons of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing in Chino is used for temporary fencing solutions as well as permanent ones. They make great backyard and property line fences. Chino chain link fencing is also used a lot in construction.

Chain link fences can be installed quickly and are cost-effective. While they can rust, the galvanized metal that the chain link fence is made from is durable. Since they are made from metal they won’t rot like a wood fence in the same area.

Pros and Cons of Specialty Fencing

Fencing companies are often called upon to design and install specialty fencing. Specialty fencing in Chino is often made from one of the four materials listed above. It can also have additional features like sound barriers, windscreens, PVC slats, barbed wire, or razor ribbon.

A fencing contractor in Chino may be used to install a high-security fence. Many high-security fences are chain link fences with barbed wire or razor ribbon at the top. These fences are most commonly seen in facilities like jails and prisons.

PCV slats can be installed along with a chain link fence to give a little more privacy barrier to the fence. These slats are woven between the metal of a chain link fence. They are lightweight and come in a variety of colors.

Windscreens and sound barriers are popular additions to fences, especially in high-traffic areas. If you live near an airport or busy highway, you may want to look into a sound barrier fence addition.

Commercial specialty fencing is commonly found in parks, sports complexes, airports, schools, government buildings, and more. You may need residential specialty fencing if you own a farm, want separation from a garden or pool in your backyard, or have special pets.

The biggest downside to choosing a specialty fence is that the length of time the project may take from start to finish could be longer than a traditional fence.

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